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London Timelapse is produced by photographers shooting original and unique material in and around England’s capital followed by post-production by a broadcast video editor .

Our photographers use DSLR cameras to produce the highest quality time lapses available. Much more effective than speeding up a video clip, each frame of the video is a high resolution still photograph which allows us to shoot at night with long exposures and vary shutter speeds for dynamic dawn and sunset time lapses. The images are perfected in Camera RAW before being edited in Adobe After Effects. For the Holy Grail sequences (Dawn and sunsets) QDSLR Dashboard,  LRTimelapse and Adobe Lightroom is used.

Since every frame is ultra high resolution we can supply 4K (UHD) video clips or zoom in as much as 60% without losing any quality in HD. Since 2019 we have been shooting 8K timelapses.

We hope that your requirements are met by the clips available on this site, but if you have a specific subject we haven’t covered then please get in touch by email info@londontimelapse.co.uk. If you need a specific subject recorded we do accept direct commissions.

London Timelapse is part of the Pukka TV group of companies.

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