We have kept pricing very simple on London Timelapse. We don’t charge by use, only by the size of clip you chose to download. There are up to three different sizes of clip available – 4K (or UHD), High Definition (HD) and web. Compilations cost more but offer good value.

The grid shows the pixel dimensions of the clip sizes. Web size is only suitable for using on a website. HD is suitable for most TV work and can be resized if the web version is not big enough. The 4K clips are at least twice the dimensions of HD (over 4x the detail) and so can be zoomed in to over 200% on an editing system with no loss of quality. If you have any doubt which size is best for you please contact us before purchasing the clip.

When buying a clip first make sure you are on the correct version (4K/UHD, HD or web).

Select a suitable license for your use from the drop-down menu. All licenses are the same price. The “Add to cart” button becomes active.

After you click this a yellow box will appear showing “Added!” and an option to “Checkout now!” is offered which you can click or continue browsing and use the checkout menu item in the top menu.

You will then be taken to the Sell Media checkout page. After reading the terms of service click on “Checkout now” and follow the instructions. Or if you change your mind click the minus button to empty your cart and click “Continue shopping” to take you back to the Collections.

The pricing is in UK pounds sterling and payments have to be made through PayPal or using a credit card through PayPal. PayPal will automatically take the right amount from your local currency.

Some clips do not include 4K versions since they are crops of, or moves around the original 4K time lapse. For more details please see our FAQs.